In the world of music, there are artists who follow trends and those who create them. Yuko
Mabuchi firmly belongs in the latter category. Hailing from Japan, she is currently taking the
global music scene by storm, showcasing her awe-inspiring talent as a pianist while staying true to
her roots.

At the tender age of four, Yuko found her rhythm in the world of classical piano in her hometown of
Fukui. However, she didn’t stay confined to just one genre. Growing up, she was drawn towards
American R&B, Hip-Hop, and Blues, but it was jazz that struck a chord deep within her.
In fact, jazz captivated her so much that she dedicated her post-high school years to studying jazz
piano. This early initiation into a multitude of genres fueled her music into an exotic mix,
making it as unique as the artist herself.

Fast forward to 2010, and Yuko Mabuchi decided to take her talent beyond the shores of Japan. She
moved to Los Angeles, quickly earning her a spot to perform at some of the city’s prime venues.
While her music career took off, she held close her commitment to giving back to the community. For
eight years, she has been volunteering as an accompanist for the Watts- Willowbrook Youth
Orchestra, a selfless act that didn’t go unnoticed. The City of Los Angeles recognized her efforts
with a commendation, appreciating her dedication to nurturing the next generation of musicians.

Over the years, Mabuchi’s discography has grown to include six phenomenal albums. These musical
projects showcase her journey as an artist, with each one reflecting her evolution in sound and
technique. The first two albums, produced while she was a student in Los Angeles, opened the door
to her collaboration with Yarlung Records, a label known for its classical repertoire. This
partnership resulted in her next two albums, which were highly praised in the audiophile genre.

On stage, Mabuchi often pays homage to her Japanese roots by donning traditional kimonos. It’s a
beautiful gesture that signifies jazz as a universal art form, embracing and harmonizing cultural

Mabuchi’s mesmerizing performances have taken her to esteemed stages across the globe. From the
Segerstrom Center for the Arts and the Walt Disney Hall to SFJazz, each performance solidifies her
global reputation. The Richmond Jazz Festival, Detroit Institute of the Arts, and Atlanta Jazz
Festival, among others, have been witnesses to her exceptional talent.

In Mabuchi’s music, you’ll hear a harmony of Jazz and Classical, a tribute to her belief in the
“oneness” of music. Through her unique fusion of genres, she paints a universal language of rhythm
and melody that speaks to the heart of her audience worldwide. So, if you’re looking for a unique
musical experience that leaves you touched and inspired, make sure to check out Yuko Mabuchi.
For more about her music and performances, www.yukomabuchi.com